Content delivery network updates for november

Content delivery network updates are a key tool for content delivery network providers looking to offer their customers the best performance possible to end users all around the world.

These updates can come in a range of forms, from the simple addition enhanced customer services tools, to more complicated developments such as the creation of new CDN services or the construction of new points of presence and servers so that a content delivery network provider can serve data to end users in new and exciting locations around the world.

In this post, I’ll looks at the interesting developments that have been occuring in the content delivery network industry in November, outlining the content delivery network updates that will help deliver the best performance for users of CDNs around the globe.

IP Converge Data Services and Conversant Partner to Offer Content Delivery Network Services in the Philippines

The first of our content delivery network updates for November involves the company IPC (IP Converge Data Services Inc.), an information technology services provider based in the Philippines. They have announced that they will be partnering with Conversant Solutions, a leading content delivery network provider based in Singapore, to offer high performance content delivery network solutions in the Philippines. They will specifically be using this partnership to target the high growth financial, e-commerce and broadcast entertainment industries.

The exciting new service will be known as IPC Contentcast CDN. The service will aim to take advantage of the growing e-commerce sector in the Philippines, as well as Filipinos’ increasing demand for video streaming sites. The IPC Contentcast CDN will aim to enhance accessibility and responsiveness of websites and web-based applications, IPC said in a statement.

“Enterprises carrying content … Any company that has a website that operates video streaming content, online transaction, booking, gaming … that requires real time delivery content,”

Niño Valmonte, director of marketing and digital innovation at IPC, said in a briefing last week.

Valmonte also acknowledged that while IPC is the first local firm to introduce the CDN, he was bullish it could compete against global providers currently serving the Philippine market.

“We made sure that the products we create are appetizing to the local market, because 99 percent of all businesses in the Philippines are SMEs (small- and medium- sized enterprises). Therefore, we have to work accordingly with that market … Understanding of the local landscape, we are able to come up with packages that are more palatable to the SME space,”

he said.

“IPC is able to empower industries more by providing a CDN service that helps organizations establish a reliable global presence by eliminating issues that interrupt long-distance online transactions as well as the delivery of digital content, affecting customer experience and thus, resulting in revenue loss,” said Dave De Leon, chief operating officer at IPC. “CDN is a logical step toward becoming a future-ready digital business.”

“A service like this enhances the use of the internet,” De Leon said. “IPC’s cloud services have a strong foundation and infrastructure.”

Cheong Kong Wei, founder and CEO of Conversant, said that scalability is also another benefit of local CDN as it has the capability to handle a significant amount of work by a system, network, or process.

“This strategic alliance allows IPC to provide CDN services to its customers by leveraging on the reach and scale of our network, through our SwiftFederation Partners,”

he said.

The IPC Contentcast CDN will be made available on a subscription based model, allowing customers to take advantage of its speed and benefits without investing in special, and expensive, hardware and maintenance.

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